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亚博手机版怎么下载-Chinese technology company Meitu confirmed that it will participate in Facebooks AR Studio beta program as the US giants first Asia-based partner, to work on three Augmented Reality (AR) camera effects for Facebook camera.我国科技有限公司美图前不久确认,该企业将沦为英国大佬Facebook在亚洲地区的第一家协作企业,参与其AR个人工作室的beta新项目,为Facebook照相机产品研发三款增强现实技术(AR)照相机动画特效。According to a statement by Meitu, the three effects named Selfie from the Future Meitu Family and Instant Glam will add a unique, robotic eyeglass, Meitus own popular cartoon characters and some other instant filters to Facebook camera respectively.依据美图的申明,三款动画特效明天自拍电影、美图大家族和及时风采,将各自为Facebook照相机降低特有的智能机器人近视眼镜、美图产品研发的流行动画人物和一些其他的及时ps滤镜。We are honored to be selected by Facebook to kick-off this incredible new feature, and excited to come along for the ride as the platform further reshapes the social media experience, said Meitus managing director of global operations, Frank Fu, in the statement.美图全世界业务流程经理Frank Fu在一则申明中称之为:“大家很荣幸能被Facebook选秀权来起动这一让人难以想象的新作用,而且很激动能够随该平台更进一步重构社交网络新感受。

”Facebook AR Studio, announced in April during the companys developer conference F8, aims to attract artists and developers to contribute virtual overlay designs, such as animated frames and interactive effects.2020年四月份,Facebook的AR Studio在该企业的F8开发者交流会上公布,目地是更有艺术大师和开发者着眼于虚幻世界覆盖范围设计方案,例如架构和会话实际效果。Meitus fun selfie experiences make it a natural fit for the Camera Effects Platform, said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, director of platform partnerships at Facebook.Facebook平台合作方主管Konstantinos Papamiltiadis称之为:美图有趣的自拍照感受使其沦为照相机动画特效平台的纯天然良配。


Were excited to expand the AR Studio beta to our first Asia-based developer, and we think the camera effects that Meitu has built with this technology will delight the Facebook community around the world, he said.他说道:大家很兴奋将AR个人工作室Beta评价让我们的第一家亚洲地区房地产商。大家确信美图用以这一技术性打造的照相机动画特效能为世界各国的Facebook小区带来觉得感受。



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