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亚博手机版怎么下载_Here are some key highlights from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, which concluded recently:2016国际消费电子展刚掉落帷幕,以下是本届展览的部分看点:1. Netflix stunned the show with the announcement that it added 130 new countries and regions for its streaming TV service to bring its total to 190, calling it the birth of a new global Internet TV network.本届展览上,奈飞公司丢出了一个重磅炸弹:宣告其流媒体视频服务的覆盖范围由之前的60个国家和地区减至190个,相提并论这一事件标志着“全球网络电视平台的问世”。India will be one of the new markets for Netflix, which is still studying ways to get into the Chinese mainland.新的重新加入奈飞的国家和地区中还包括印度市场。至于何时转入中国大陆市场,该公司仍在研究中。2. Google and Lenovo announced plans to produce the first consumer handset using the US computing giants Project Tango 3D technology.美国计算机巨头谷歌与误解宣告合作。

双方计划首次运用谷歌的“探戈项目3D技术”,生产面向消费者的手机。The device set to launch worldwide later this year aims for a new generation of smart devices that can be used for indoor mapping, augmented reality and more.这批手机将于今年晚些时候在全球公布,目的前进智能机更新换代。新一代智能机将有室内测绘、增强现实等功能。


3. The 4K high-definition television format became the standard base for manufacturers, which showcased thinner and more spectacular displays for those willing to pay the price.4K分辨率(3840*2160)沦为高清电视厂家生产的标准配置。虽然价格较贵,但4K电视更加轻巧,画质也更为华丽。

The Consumer Technology Association, the trade group behind CES, said one in every five televisions sold this year is expected to be 50 inches or more, measured diagonally, and feature ultra high-definition 4K resolution.国际电子消费展览所属的消费者技术协会预估,今年卖出的20%的电视尺寸将为50英寸或更大(对角尺寸),分辨率也将超过4K超高清。4. The Internet of Things showed spectacular growth from products like a smart mirror from Haier that delivers news and weather and connects to other appliances, and connected spoons and diet scales.物联网产品发展快速增长,比如海尔发售的“魔镜”(一种智能浴室产品)。

这款“魔镜”可启动时新闻和天气预报,能与其它家电相连,还可相连餐勺和节食秤。Samsung unveiled a smart refrigerator that lets its owner use a smartphone to virtually peer inside and see what should be on a shopping list.三星公布了一台智能冰箱:用户可以用智能机对冰箱展开虚拟世界投影,必须卖的东西就一目了然了。5. Wearable technology probed deeper to get more data about health, while making inroads into the medical field: diagnosing conditions and even offering treatment for pain and other ailments. Shoes measured steps and shirts kept tabs on heart rates.可穿着技术能更进一步搜集身体健康数据,并开始渗透到医学领域:为用户展开身体健康临床,甚至可获取小病小痛的化疗方案。

智能鞋可记录用户的步程,而智能衬衫能测量心率。French-based health group VisioMed introduced its Bewell Connect virtual checkup through a smartphone app that communicates with its connected blood pressure and glucose monitor, thermometer and blood oxygen sensor.法国医疗电子设备制造商VisioMed发售“Bewell Connect”电子身体检查:将智能手机应用于与血压计、血糖监测仪、体温计及血氧传感器相连,才可构建。

6. Automakers moved to connect not only to the smartphone, but to the smart home and other parts of the digital life.汽车制造商则更进一步:除智能手机外,汽车还能与智能房屋及其它数字化设备展开相连。Ford teamed with Amazon to link up the carmakers Sync vehicle hub with the online giants smart home hub called Echo.福特与在线零售巨头亚马逊进行合作,将福特SYNC车载多媒体通讯娱乐系统与亚马逊的智能家居中枢“爱酷”相连在一起。7. Virtual reality spread beyond video games to touch sex, sports, sales and space exploration. Facebook-owned Oculus began taking pre-orders for its eagerly-anticipated Rift VR headsets at a price of $599, and CES was rife with companies scrambling to field competing devices or content that could draw people into faux worlds.虚拟现实突破了电子游戏的局限,开始应用于在成人玩具、运动、销售和太空探寻领域。


脸书旗下的Oculus将要发售备受瞩目的虚拟现实头盔Rift VR,预售价599美元。国际电子消费展览围观了生产类似于设备和产品的公司,这些公司争相布局竞争性产品、展开涉及宣传,更有人们走出虚拟世界。8. Startups turned attention to ways to tap into the brain.创业公司专心研究人脑。A mind control headband unveiled by startup BrainCo effectively hacks into brain signals with a range of possible applications — from helping to improve attention spans, to detecting disease, controlling smart home appliances or even a prosthetic device.创业公司BrainCo公布了一款“意念掌控”头箍。




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