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亚博官方网站:Apple announced Monday that it sold more than 10 million new iPhones over the first three days of sales — defying some analysts’ predictions and beating last year’s record 9 million.苹果(Apple)在本周一宣告,新一代iPhone预售头三天的销量早已多达了1,000万台。这远超过了一些分析家的预计,也超越了去年900万台的纪录。

How were those sales split between the big iPhone 6 and the bigger (and more profitable) iPhone 6 Plus?而大屏幕的iPhone 6与增大款(并且利润更高)的iPhone 6 Plus的销量有多大差距呢?The company did not say. That’s information they’ll want to keep from their co亚博官方网站mpetitors.苹果未透漏这个数字。他们想让竞争者告诉这一信息。We did get some third-party estimates over the weekend, but they came from different types of sources, and — curiously — they contradict each other.本周末,我们显然从第三方获得了一些估值,不过它们来自有所不同的消息源,而且有意思的是,它们互相对立。



The chart above happens be from the mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, but the ones put out by its competitors, Chitika and Fiksu, are not much different. They all show iPhone 6 activity (in-app purchases, etc.) over the first three days outpacing the iPhone 6 Plus by more than seven to one.上面的表格来自手机分析公司Mixpanel,不过其竞争者Chitika和Fiksu得出结论的数据与此差距并不大。它们都表明,最初三天内iPhone 6的活跃度(还包括应用于内出售等)是iPhone 6 Plus的七倍以上。

UPDATE: The ratio of Asian Americans in Soho dropped visibly Sunday after Chinese customs officials were reported to be confiscating grey market iPhones. Meanwhile a reader in Berlin writes that the lines there were dominated by Russians and Poles buying for resale in their respective home markets.改版:有报导称之为,中国的海关人员正在没收灰色市场的iPhone。在那之后,周日在Soho区的亚裔美国人比例有了显著上升。与此同时,德国柏林的一名读者写到,如今排长队的主要是俄罗斯人和波兰人,他们将在各自的本土市场出售这些手机。:亚博官方网站。



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